Life and Death proceed from your Words;

Your words are real things and will produce what you speak, especially when you speak with emotions in your heart, even if you are joking. Therefore, BEWARE what you speak, as your words will return its physical equivalent. Meaning you can literary speak life or death to yourself or your circumstance. As King Solomon states;

‘Life and death are in the power of the tongue’ Proverbs 18:21

I was listening to a video where a well known man was commending his beautiful wife during a presentation, explaining why he loves her dearly. He went on to say as a side statement, that he has lived well with her and intends to die with her (He said this emotionally, albeit jokingly). A couple years later they were both dead although both still in their prime:( and guess what, they died together just as the man had emotionally expressed in his words. This is the power of words, it was not a prophesy.

To understand the power of what you speak or your words, is to understand the ability you have to create the results you want to have in your life.

From the fruit of his lips, a man will be filled with good things as surely as the works of his hands reward him’ Proverbs 12:14

Words are like fruits from your lips!

Amazing!! This indicates that your words are fruits you are producing from your mouth – (Good or Bad ones). Your words will surely reward you with a corresponding result just as the amount of physical effort you put into your work will give you a corresponding result. In other words, you can succeed or fail based on (The fruit of your mouth) – the words you speak to yourself or about your circumstance.

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Overcoming Your Fears;

Fear is like an incubator or processor where negative thoughts or imaginations breed or develop to form its equivalent in the physical form – Similar to a photo processor or dark room where the negative image of a picture is developed to produce the authentic photo.

In other words, the negative thoughts and pictures you have formed in your mind due to your fears will be reproduced physically if you do not push to get rid of them. 

You can find hope in the midst of fear!

Allowing an atmosphere of fear to persist, is the first trigger that invites trouble into your life, family or work. An atmosphere of fear will permit the reasons for which you are afraid to enter, fester and mature to the point of manifestation. Whereas, overcoming your fears will give you renewed confidence and improve your self-esteem. 

How to address and overcome Fears;

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